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SV-5000 - LED Film slide viewer

SV-5000 - LED Film slide viewer

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The 1.8x magnification LED slide viewer is the smallest and the simplest device in our 35mm viewing lineup. Instead of to digitise a slide show or insert a large projector, all you need to do is flip the switch to see the past reappear in the best lighting, vivid colors, and ideal way


Old 35mm slides may have faded out in the 90’s, but MEDALIGHT ’S exceptional imaging technology lives on with the 1.8x Magnifying LED Slide Viewer! This charming little device reproduces your old pictures and slides with meticulous detail, delicate color, powerful illumination, and convenient 1.8 times magnification, so you can relive yesteryear on the regular. Thanks to its slim, lightweight design and convenient battery operation, the personal viewer travels easily and makes a perfect companion for folks who love the simple 


life. Whether your goal is novelty, nostalgia, or practical image projection, give the gift of past meets present! Add the MEDALIGHT 1.8x Magnifying LED Slide Viewer to your cart today!

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