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B&W Film ISO 400 - Bundle of Three Sets

B&W Film ISO 400 - Bundle of Three Sets

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400 ISO black and white film is a highly versatile and adaptable film stock, ideal for a variety of shooting conditions, including environments with fluctuating light levels. The "400 ISO" refers to the film's sensitivity to light, indicating that it performs well in both medium to low light conditions as well as in bright settings.


  • Versatility: 400 ISO black and white film is favored by photographers for its ability to deliver good results across different lighting conditions. Whether it's indoor, overcast, or in brightly lit outdoor scenarios, it captures images with rich detail.
  • Grain Texture: Compared to lower sensitivity films, ISO 400 film typically exhibits a more pronounced grain texture, adding a unique aesthetic and feel to photos, especially noticeable in enlargements.
  • Latitude: This type of film generally offers good exposure latitude, meaning it can produce acceptable results even when exposures are not perfectly accurate.
  • Contrast and Tonal Range: 400 ISO black and white film provides good contrast while retaining a wide range of grays and details, making it well-suited for capturing scenes with a broad dynamic range.
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